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UMI arts has a vision for connected communities strong in arts and culture across Tropical North Queensland. To achieve this aim we develop and deliver programs that support artists in communities wanting the skills to own and operate an independent arts business. Not every artist wants to work through an ‘art centre’ and we acknowledge this fact by providing the tools and resources for independent artists to grow and prosper in their artistic pursuits.

We strongly support local councils wanting to run arts programs, events and workshops in their communities. Our Walk About mobile training unit is ideally placed to support outreach programs and we encourage you to talk with us about how we can support independent artists in your community to achieve their aims and further their professional development.

UMI Arts has been a strong voice in the community for over 15 years and we continue to support a wide range of community groups and creative initiatives.

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Disability Week – Splash Art

UMI Arts works in partnership with the Life Without Barriers organisation in delivering a Splash Art program to disabled clients and their families during Disability Week. UMI Arts coordinates a culturally appropriate family engagement event on the shores of the Cairns Esplanade where families come together with stakeholders and service providers from the disability sector to discuss issues they have in common. For this program, UMI Arts engage local businesses, Cape York Art to manage acrylic painting workshops, and Kuranda Weavers to deliver weaving workshops where participants make fibre craft.

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Youth workshop in action with kids enjoying cultural acivities

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Stay updated with the latest UMI Arts exhibitions, events, and new art and gifts.