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The UMI Arts Board of Directors set the direction of our organisation. They meet regularly throughout the year and play an active role in developing programs that support the organisation’s vision and purpose.

As a public company, the role of the Directors is to govern the operations of the company within the bounds of the Constitution and shape the organisation into the future. As we renew, adapt and adjust to the challenges we face, and as we abandon and replace the old with the new, the Board of Directors stay strong and positive while they guide and lead us to achieve our strategic objectives.

UMI Arts’ Directors come from strong and diverse backgrounds. They are respected business and community leaders, artists and cultural practitioners with a wide range of skills that contribute to the organisation and support our members to achieve their creative aspirations.

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A message from the Chair

ü  Are you a member of UMI Arts?

ü  Do you have experience in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural sector?

ü  Do you understand board governance or are you willing to learn more about it?

ü  Can you make a difference by contributing two days, every three months to share your skills and knowledge?

If you answered yes, then please nominate to become a UMI Arts board member.

Please contact our Executive Officer, Peter Lenoy on 0427 498 940 or email

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Stay updated with the latest UMI Arts exhibitions, events, and new art and gifts.