Umi Arts

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

UMI Arts is committed to bringing people together, sharing stories, respecting culture and doing things proper way. Our annual program of events and activities is about YOU and ME strengthening Indigenous cultural practices in Far North Queensland. UMI Arts programs operate in Cairns and in-community and are about capacity building and developing artists and performers as both professional practitioners and active participants in community cultural development and revitalisation. UMI Arts programs all aim to engage, motivate, inspire and promote a sense of relevance, confidence and interest through learning, doing and performing.

Our Vision

Connected communities strong in arts and culture.

Our Purpose

To maintain and strengthen the identity of the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders in our region through our arts and cultural programs.

Our Values

❖ We conduct our business with integrity and respect

❖ We work together with our members and stakeholders

❖ We are committed to creative excellence and capacity building

❖ We believe that arts and culture connect communities to make them stronger.